Balayage  from 125

Foils from 95

Tint from 80

Stylecut 88

Blow dry from 45


29 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. Hi I was wondering how much it would cost for a colour and balayage colour for long hair? My hair is a dark brown but I’m looking to do a chestnut brown with blonde balayage colour.


    1. Hi Sarah. I can’t give you an exact quote until I see your hair and we decide exactly which colour to do, but normally balayage on long hair is about $180. Again, this is on the higher side when it’s a big colour change. Would you like to come in for a consult next week so that we can see your hair?

  2. Hi there I have really dark brown hair I want to go lighter with a balayage how much would that cost plus a good modern cut

    1. Hi heather

      Very hard to give a quote without seeing your hair. You are more than welcome to book in for a free consultation 5528 2299. A full head of balayage is around $180 on long hair and they usually requires a toner approx $20. A cut and blowdry is either $75 or $88 depending on who you see. Hope to hear back from you soon 🙂

    2. Hi heather sorry for the late reply! Just noticed this. It’s very hard to give you a quote without knowing anything about your hair but a style cut starts at $75 and Balayage is around $150. If you like to know more please don’t hesitate to call Alexis (our colour specialist) for a phone consult 5528 2299

  3. Hi, I was wondering how much extra on top of a partial balayage it would cost to put a colour on my roots to blend in with the balayage? Thanks, Serena

    1. Hi Tarryn yes we do! We custom order them from Show Pony Hair Extensions so we colour match them to your hair. They run about $100 per row of 4 clips. Most ladies need 1-2 rows. Thanks
      Colourbox Hair Studio
      5528 2299

  4. Hey guys, I was wondering how much it would be to go from a natural dark brown brunette (which is me) to blonde. I’m looking to get it cut in a short bob, dye in blonde and then put in some crazy hair colours.

    1. Hi Marina you probably need full head of foils is is around 145 plus toner 30 and cut 75. plese contact us on facebook and send us pictures so we can give you a better quote or just come in for a complimentary consult. or call 55282299 🙂

  5. Hi

    My general question is approx how much for a balayage package on med to long hair
    Including the regrowth tint, toner cut and blowdry please.
    Thank you xx

  6. Hello

    I was just wondering if you were able to do this style of hairdresser (providing the link) with curly hair instead of straight….

    How much would the hairstyle cost + makeup cost + do u have a travelling fee?

    please let me know

    thank you


  7. Hi,
    Approximately how much would it cost to get my hair dyed a dark brown, and then get the tips bleached? My hair is roughly 4-5cm above my shoulders.

  8. Hey

    I would like an approximate quote on a balayage package, cut, style & half head extensions ? My hair is of medium length and naturally dark brown but has been balayaged a while ago so my roots are dark brown with blonde starting from around half way.. I would like to go a lighter balayage but am not entirely sure on the exact colours.

    Also I’d like to know what type of extensions you have and which is easier to hide, I’m looking at getting this done for my grade 12 formal and am unsure if I’m going to have an up or down style.

  9. Hello,
    I’m wondering you also can do a Olaplex Treatment without any colour? just hair care? Whats your price?

    Thank you in advance

  10. Hi so I have a shoulder length black hair moderately thick and I wanted to have a lighter blonde-ish shade balayage. I was wondering what a rough quote of price would be? And also how many appointments would I have to take to get my desired colour?

    1. Hi Ash,if you have natural dark hair then we can achieve the result in one visit ,if it coloured then i might take us 3 times.
      pricing is 145 for highlights and toner 35. please call us 0420444300 to make an appointment for consultation. thank you

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